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We believe that this world is a mess because they don’t live by a solid foundation of truth. There is nothing holding people accountable in a lot of cases. If there is not a foundation of truth such as the Bible that has existed for hundreds of years and stayed constant and never changing, then what do people stand on as their guide? What is their truth and then the question is….is it actually truth? We believe that it is proven by history, miracles, wonders, faith, and confirmation in God through giftings still today that the Bible is the only Truth.

So we stand firm on scripture and living out the scripture as best as we can knowing that we are still in a process til the day we die on earth and won’t attain perfection.

We spend daily time soaking into the Bible or Word of God as some know it.

Live a life of Adventure:

God gave us this life to live in full and to experience all of His creation and beauty. On earth as it is in heaven! We love to adventure and we both have free spirited souls that can not and will not be contained. We believe in a good balance of working hard in life, but also, to experience His goodness. Being active and amongst nature in God’s presence brings us such joy, peace, and fulfillment. Time to rest in him even if its active resting.

“What God has planned for people is more than eyes have seen or ears have heard. It has never even entered our minds!” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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