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Meet Matt & Jess

The Radical Road

We are on a path and a purpose to see the country, hear its pulse and bring a voice to those who are hidden. Reaching people where they are at without leaving them there. We will show you life on the road and the radical stories of real America.

Two people that were guided together by God in his perfect timing. We both were praying for God to give us “our” someone to do the rest of our life with. We met at the end of 2015 and married in 2018. Combined we have 3 adult, beautiful, healthy children. We are both extremely¬†adventurous, active people and have never loved living what most consider a conventional life. We are very curious and purposeful learners. Our life values and principles are based on our relationship with Jesus and his Word. We both have made our fair share of mistakes and have lived blessed, yet sometimes messy lives.¬†

It has shaped us into who we are called to be for God as a married couple. We are all but perfect, but we strive to live in balance for Jesus in every area of our life. We love serving God and serving and loving on people. We focus on what we have and not on what we don’t have. Gratefulness is the true key to living a joyful life.

Work History

Jess was a Cosmetologist for 20 years. She rented a chair and owned her own Salon and Spa for all but 3 years of that career. Then after moving from Iowa to Utah in 2018 she got her Real Estate license. Did that for 2 years. Matt and her started another business cleaning residential and commercial new construction. They owned that for 2 years and sold it to go on The Radical Road. Sales is her lane. Jess may be pursuing a remote sales position from the truck for a Trucking Brokerage, while also working on The Radical Road Podcast, Website, and Social Media.

Matt has been in some area of transportation for the last 9 years. He has managed the service shop, drove semi with a Class A CDL, and been a District Manager and trained drivers. He worked for the same company for 6 years that he transferred to Utah with from Iowa in 2018 until he decided to help grow the cleaning business until God called them on The Radical Road. Now he is driving Oversized heavy equipment Loads across the country.

Serving History

Matt and Jess have served in many areas including Leadership in churches. Jess and Matt have served on the Greeting Team for the front door, Jess has cut hair for the women of House of Hope to the children going back to school in a serving opportunity called Servolution.

Jess raised money for the women and children that were stuck in physical abuse. She raised money for the Veterans of Iowa.  Matt and Jess have chosen families to buy Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gifts for in the past. They have delivered Turkey dinners. Worked in the homeless shelters serving meals. They have done community service for the city of Salt Lake City through their church. They were the Connect or info tables at their church. Matt has Ushered, Jess has been a Service Director.

They were Leaders of the Young Adult Group at a Church. They were Connect Leaders for a group of 30 people and were on the Response Team/Prayer Team. They were both accepted and attended the Pathfinders Mastermind Business/Ministry Course. Jess helped on the Events Team. We both attended weekly Men’s and Women’s prayer group.

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